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Joyce fic

Character: Joyce
Word County (Veracity: 552) (utkari02: 608)
Episode: “Ted.”

Humming, she went around the room, straightening up pillows and crooked pictures. A quick dust with Pledge made the furniture smell lemony and fresh while the lasagna in the oven slowly baked. Domestic. She hadn’t been domestic in quite a few years. It felt…nice to be a part of something, of belonging. He loved the clean house, said his “little woman nested very well” with a big, 100-watt grin.

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Some Drabbles:

These were written back in August for Whedonland's gift giving. I've tried to sort them by fandom.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: and sorta Firefly too. sorta-spoilery for season 7 Buffy

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non-spoileryCollapse )


semi-spoilery season 1Collapse )

SG1: non-spoilery

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SGA: non-spoilery

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Dollhouse: Semi-spoilery for end of season 1

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Harry Potter: Spoilery for Book/Movie 5

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Dead Things, a picspam.

Here is a picspam for Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 6, Episode 13: Dead Things.

I think this is such a brilliant episode. I hope you enjoy!!

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Buffy ficlets:

Here are a couple of ficlets that I've written for whedonland.

Willow/Oz - The Pain of Forgetting - told through Buffy’s pov. - 235 words

Semi-Spoilers through Buffy Season 4.

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April Showers - Someone’s Getting Wet - Buffy/Spike - 500 words

No real spoilers.

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an Angel picspam

50 reasons why Angel should never have been canceled,
a "Not Fade Away" picspam.

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a Spuffy fanmix

Comfort, a softer Spuffy fanmix.

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Requested by: justascrewup2 Prompt: Veronica Mars - Logan/Veronica - "I couldn't stop thinking about you."

Okay, it's my first time writing Veronica Mars fic. I hope I captured them well enough! Spoilers for the third season.

Word Count: 528

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