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Barnes and Noble Book Fair

Everyone, please take the time to read through this, and participate if you can!

To ALL HP fans and everyone you know:

For five years, HPEF has helped to promote the spread of literacy by producing magical events for fans and scholars. Now it is your turn to help share your love of reading and the Harry Potter novels, just by making a purchase attributed to HPEF at any Barnes & Noble Booksellers the weekend of June 20-22, 2008.

All purchases* will help support future HP Education Fanon events, include PORTUS in Dallas, LEVEL TWO in San Jose, and INFINITUS at the Universal Orlando Resort. All you need to do is tell the cashier the Bookfair number 310268, or provide the voucher (http://www.portus2008.org/bookfair_voucher.pdf) upon checkout. Whether you purchase a mocha and a scone in the Café, your new favorite DVD, or your third copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, a portion of the proceeds will go to help support future HPEF events.

You can also help support the Dallas area charity and the PORTUS Auction beneficiary, LIFT (Literacy Instruction for Texas) by purchasing an item off the LIFT Wish List table in store or over the phone at our host store. Any books purchased for LIFT will be used in providing literacy classes to adults surrounding the Dallas area. LIFT was created to address the critical adult literacy issues in Dallas through programs that are accessible to adults at the lowest levels of literacy. With specialized ESL and Family Literacy programs, LIFT focuses on those who would normally be overlooked or ignored in standard educational initiatives. A child’s educational success is greatly increased by a parent who reads and reads with the child. We all know the joy reading Harry Potter has brought to us. Let’s pass that joy on by making a donation of a book to LIFT.

If you have a meet up group, and would like to host a meet up at a Barnes & Noble the weekend of June 20-22, please send us an email to pr@portus2008.org.

Please pass along this along to your friends, family, and fellow Harry Potter fans. Anyone can help by purchasing during the Bookfair. This is an event they won't want to miss! For more information, please see our Bookfair information page www.portus2008.org/bookfair.htm.

Magically yours,
Bekki Olivieri
PORTUS Minister of Magic

at our
Barnes & Noble Bookfair!

Shop at any Barnes & Noble Booksellers during our Bookfair days, and a portion of your sale will be donated to Portus & HPEF to help us continue our literacy endeavors.

Friday, Saturday, & Sunday,
June 20, 21, & 22, 2008

You may go to any Barnes & Noble to show your support by using the Portus/ HPEF Bookfair number 310268 or using the downloadable voucher from our website. http://www.portus2008.org/bookfair_voucher.pdf

Anyone can help! Forward this email, and ask all your friends, family, co-workers, etc. to come in and help us by making any purchase! All book, magazine, CD, DVD, journal, kit, game, gift item, café gift, and Café consumables purchased at Barnes & Noble Cafés purchased during the Bookfair and using the Bookfair number will count towards our donation.*

Call or come by our host store, the Parks at Arlington Barnes & Noble, to make a purchase from the LIFT (Literacy Instruction For Texas) Wish List table, and donate the book to LIFT to help them continue their Dallas adult literacy endeavors.

Want to join in on some HP fun? Join HPDFW on Saturday at the Parks at Arlington Barnes & Noble for their first birthday party and kids craft day!

For more details on the Bookfair and how you can help, read below or see our Bookfair page on the PORTUS website. www.portus2008.org/bookfair.htm.

Host store:
Barnes & Noble Booksellers
The Parks at Arlington Mall
3881 S. Cooper St # 2027
Arlington, TX 76015

Here’s how you can help…
1. Go to any Barnes & Noble and shop for any product you wish to buy, including books, CDs, DVDs, gift product, magazines, and café items.* When you go to the cash registers, give the cashier your PORTUS voucher or the PORTUS Bookfair number 310268, and make your purchase. You must have the voucher or PORTUS Bookfair number to have your purchase count towards the PORTUS Bookfair. Feel free to use your Barnes & Noble Membership card or Educator Discount card to save on your purchase. Don’t forget to use the voucher/ Bookfair number at the Barnes & Noble Café, too! Every purchase counts!
2. Call our designated Barnes & Noble host store at 817/472-7559 to make a purchase over the phone. To get your list of product ready for the phone order, you may go to your local Barnes & Noble and make a list of titles and ISBNs (the 10- or 13- digit book number unique to each book) or UPCs (product number unique to CDs and DVDs) you wish to purchase, OR you can browse online at BN.com for your list of titles. Then call the store, ask for the PORTUS phone order bookseller, and have them place your order. You may use you Barnes & Noble Membership card to save on your purchase. Give the bookseller your billing and shipping addresses, and make your purchase over the phone using your credit card or Barnes & Noble gift card. (You must have the gift card or credit card available and have the security code and billing zip code.) Orders will be shipped directly to you. In addition, if your order is over $25, shipping is free!

Please note that only sales made through a participating Barnes & Noble will count towards our Bookfair. Online purchases are NOT eligible for the Bookfair.

Any questions? Please post on the PORTUS message board, and we will promptly reply. Thank you for your support.

*Gift card and Membership card, as well as magazine subscriptions and textbooks,
activation purchases are not eligible for the Bookfair.

Thank You for Your Support!

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