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it's the super-giant post-o-doom...

Where to start? I'll break tradition, I'll go present to past.

-Starting next week, I'll have limited online time on Wednesdays and Thursdays. They've decided to split my time at work between two departments, and I'm not sure yet what kind of internet access/opportunities I'll have upstairs...

-I was supposed to go down to the coast tomorrow, but a hurricane just hit the coast this morning. Yeah. We'll see how that goes. ETA:: We've decided to brave the trek down to the coast. Right now I believe the island is still closed off, but we'll just have to see. :D It'll be an adventure!! :P

-I think my cold thingy is trying to come back. I keep coughing/sneezing and my throat is starting to hurt again.

-My mom got a new puppy yesterday. I'll post a pic at some point.

-I went as far back as you can go on Live Journal, skip975, and that still didn't take me back to before I left. I'm never leaving LJ for three weeks ever again.

Vegas. It was pretty fucking great. Lost money at roulette. Went to see Bette Midler. Seated next to us was an old lady in a terrycloth swimsuit coverup and an old man dressed like a woman. Lost money at roulette. Won money on a nickel slot. Won more money on craps. Went to see Coldplay. Apparently you can't get a table at any of the restaurants at MGM unless you make a reservation. We ended up eating at the food court. 17,500 people that didn't sit down for the entire concert. Viva la Vida. You know the part where the drummer does the vocal part? (oh oh ohhh oh oh) Well, after the song is over, the audience starts to do that. Yeah, then awesome Chris Martin starts to sing the lyrics a capella. I hear Jerusalem bells a ringing. Roman Cavalry choirs are singing... It was AWESOME. The whole concert was amazing though. We ended up leaving during the last song, (Fix You) because you have no idea what it looks like to have 17,000 all leaving the arena, walking through the casino and all lining up for a cab. It would not have been pretty. I lost most of my money on Sunday though. At least it was money that I had won off the casino though.

-I did basically nothing between the time I got home from Dallas and the time I left for Vegas. I did laundry, that's about it.

-My windshield got hit by a rock on my drive home from Dallas. :(

Dallas. I spent the evening I drove up there (the 3rd) with keytothecage, sap78 & crisgo4. We watched the Fireworks from the roof of keytothecage's office building, ate Steak N' Shake, and got home around 1am. crisgo4, and I stayed with keytothecage & sap78 and we all went out to breakfast at the noon the next day. After breakfast I headed over to rachelcaine's house where I spent the next three days. I was introduced to new shows (Burn Notice, Stargate), saw Wall-E, met famous artists/authors, bought the Six Feet Under collection for more than half off list price, got my picture taken with Johnny Depp & the HP Trio (at least their wax doubles anyway), and had a generally great time with rachelcaine and her husband. I was really sad to leave.

OH! And rachelcaine was the one who got me sick!! :P
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