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psst. Feel free to post this on your own journal, or email it out to friends and family!! :D

Make this a Very Harry Holiday by supporting the HPEF Beedle Bookfair at Barnes & Noble!

Are you planning to buy a copy or twelve of The Tales of Beedle the Bard this holiday season? Wait! Be sure you get your Beedle from a Barnes & Noble store between Thursday, December 4th (the release day for the new book by JK Rowling!) and Wednesday, December 10th using the HPEF Bookfair voucher. In fact, make all your holiday book, CD, and DVD purchases during the Bookfair dates! Every B&N purchase made then and using the voucher or the HPEF number of 352096 will have a portion of the proceeds donated back to HPEF to continue our literacy endeavors.

So how can you help? Go to any Barnes & Noble from December 4-10, 2008. Shop in the store for anything, that's right, ANYTHING.* Take all your items to the cashier, and give them the voucher or Bookfair number before you pay. After you've made your purchase, take your items home, and know that you just helped HPEF. And if your B&N has a Café, use the voucher for those lattes and scones you get. Every penny helps.

You can double your giving. Every B&N has a Holiday Book Drive. When you come into your store, select a book to purchase and donate to their Book Drive recipient and use the Bookfair voucher. One purchase helps HPEF and a child in your community. See a bookseller in your local store for details.

It's really that easy. Every single purchase you make during our Bookfair helps. It's your gift to us without having to worry about what's on our wish list. Make the gift even better by forwarding this email and information on to everyone you know…family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, other HP fans, and anyone else you can think of. You don't have to be a part of HPEF to make a beneficial Bookfair purchase, and you don't have to buy just HP titles. Anyone can buy anything to help. It's such an easy way to help in these tough economic times.

Want to know more? Need a voucher? Visit our page here for further details and a full FAQ. In advance, thank you for your support, and a very safe and happy holiday season to you and yours.

Heather French
HPEF Bookfair Liaison

*Ok, there's a few exceptions…no gift cards, textbooks, magazine subscriptions, or membership fees will apply to the Bookfair. But, really, anything else helps!
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