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Sun Broke Free chapter 2

Title: The Sun Broke Free of the Clouds (2/?)
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Spoilers: BSG all the way through Daybreak
Disclaimer: The characters aren't mine, I'm just playing with them. ;)
Word Count: about 1600
Characters/Pairings: Lee/Kara
AN: Thanks to hayjbsg for being a great beta!

Chapter Two: Nightfall

Two days later:

“I’ve got to hand it to you Lee,” said Helo using a large stick to stoke the fire, “I honestly don’t think anyone but you would have been able to get her to stay.” He could see Kara standing a ways away with Hera. They’d discovered on this planet little bugs that lit up in the dark which Hera had named fireflies. It was just past dusk and Hera was chasing the fireflies doing her best to catch them, but her little legs weren’t quite fast enough to get within reach. Kara, using one of the old jars that held Chief’s moonshine, managed to capture one of the little bugs for Hera. Helo reveled at the sound of his daughters high pitched squeal of laughter as Kara handed her the jar once she’d poked a couple of holes in the lid.

Lee couldn’t help but smile looking at the joy on Kara’s face while she was playing with Hera. He knew the anguish she went through finding out Kacey wasn’t actually hers after just starting to believe that she might make a decent mother. She’d told him this and so much more in the last 48 hours. She’d told him about growing up with an abusive mother after her father abandoned them. She told him of how much she thought about him after the night they first met, and that sometimes she wished she had met Lee first instead of Zak. She really did love Zak, but knew that he could possibly be alive now if she had never been involved with him. Lee reminded her that if that was the case then Zak wouldn’t have passed flight school and then would have died during the attack on the colonies. They argued on this point for hours before falling asleep under the stars.

The next day she told him about meeting Sam, and how initially he was just a way to keep away from him, but that she really did end up loving Sam. She told him about her time locked up on New Caprica and how it was one of the worst times in her life; a time that still gave her nightmares. She told him how she had found her body on Earth and that burned it. And she even told him that she went to Colonial One to tell him about finding her body, but ended up finding out about Dee’s suicide instead. She told him more than she’d told anyone else before. In all the years that Lee had known Kara, he had never seen her talk so much about herself.

Lee was brought out of his reverie by the sound of Kara’s laughter. He fell in love all over again at the sight of her chasing Hera, laughing madly after every step. This wasn’t a Kara that he’d seen before, but he was looking forward to seeing a lot more of this side of her. His thoughts strayed of their own accord to Kara chasing a little dark haired, blue-eyed boy around the field. His heart nearly stopped when the boy started yelling “Daddy, daddy, save me” all the while laughing an all too familiar laugh. He looked closer at the little boy and saw the stark resemblance to another little boy that Lee knew so well.

“Come on Hera, it’s time for dinner.” Athena called to her daughter.

Lee kept watching, but instead of seeing Hera he was still seeing the little boy that looked so much like Zak as a child. Not just Zak, Lee reminded himself, he looks like you too.

Kara caught Hera around the middle and twirled her around a couple of times before walking her over to the tent and depositing her in front of her mother.

“Special Delivery.” Kara grinned. “Please sign here, here and here.”

Athena laughed. “Thanks Kara.” She picked up Hera and put her on one of the logs they were using for chairs. “Did you have fun with your Auntie Kara? Yeah? Okay, open up.”

Lee watched Kara walk back to where she was chasing Hera, and the little boy, his and Kara’s imaginary son.

"Go." Helo told him. "I'll take care of cleaning up the fire."

Lee shot him an appreciative glance, "Kara and I will do breakfast in the morning." At Helo's nod he started towards Kara.

As he neared her Lee saw Kara bend down and pick up the jar holding the captured firefly. He slowed his walk as he heard her start to talk.

"Thanks for making that little girls' night little firefly, I'm sorry for locking you up for so long." She unscrewed the lid to let the firefly fly away. "Go back to your family, and thank you again." Lee swore he saw the firefly freeze for a few seconds, as if it was actually listening to her before it flew off into the night.

"That was very sweet of you." Lee said walking up to her.

Kara shrugged, "I know what it feels like to be locked up against your will; to be kept from the people you love."

Lee wrapped his arms around her. "Are you cold? You just shivered."

"I'm not cold," she said leaning back into his embrace, "just remembering what it was like in that dollhouse."

"Gods, Kara, I am so sorry that you had to go through that. I should have been there on the planet with you; I never would have let him..."

Kara cut him off, "I don't know if you could have stopped him, but I do know you would have gotten me out. I know that you wouldn't have stopped looking or fighting until you found me."

"Damn right I wouldn't have." he said, squeezing her tighter.

They lapsed into silence, just enjoying being together and looking at the stars.


The next morning Lee woke Kara up with a soft kiss to her forehead. “Kara? Are you awake? I told Helo we’d take breakfast duty this morning.”

“Okay, Lee,” Kara mumbled, “give me five minutes to dress and I’ll be right out.”

Ten minutes later Kara slowly made her way into the makeshift tent they were using as a galley. “Well Lee Adama, I never thought I’d see the day when you wore an apron.” She grinned.

“Laugh all you want, Thrace, but you know I look good. Besides, this algae is all kinds of messy and it’s not like we have an over abundance of extra clothes lying around.” Lee said, unable to stop the grin that came to his face. He loved seeing Kara like this. Each day he saw more and more of the old Kara shine through.

“So, it’s algae for breakfast, is it?” she grimaced. “Didn’t we have that for dinner last night?”

Lee sighed, “Yes and yes. And three guesses on what we’ll be having for lunch.”

“And the first two don’t count?” she asked.

“Do they ever?” he came back.

Kara giggled. “It’s been three days now, are we ready to start forming a little society or something?” she said, rubbing her hands together. “We should probably form some parties to go out and search for food and reliable water sources.”

“Way ahead of you there." Lee said, "We're having a ‘town meeting’ with the rest of the planners later this afternoon. We’re going to talk about starting a construction schedule. We need to start making some plans for better shelter, farming and the like. We've got enough algae rations for about a year, but we'll need that time to figure out the seasons on this planet.”

“I should have known you’d already be on top of it. This is right up your alley.” Said Kara, smiling.

“Yeah, well someone has to take charge, so it might as well be me.” Lee grinned.

“What about all of this exploring that you wanted to do? You know, mountains and oceans and all that.” Kara asked.

“There’s plenty of time for exploring once we’ve got our settlement going.” Lee said. “There are so many things that have to get done. We have to make tools, and build shelter and plant crops. Well, we have to figure out what sort of food the planet has before we can plant crops. Then how many seasons will it take to learn how long the food takes to grow and ripen? We’ve got to find a source of cotton and design a way to make new clothes. And...”

Kara cut him off, “Whoa, slow down there flyboy. I know there’s a lot to do. But I think everyone wants to take it slow for a while.” She paused. “You know, we’ve been moving towards this one purpose for so long Lee that even I just want to stop and smell the roses for a while. And they have those here," she rushed on, "roses I mean. They were so rare on the Colonies, that only the richest could afford them, but here they’re everywhere.” Kara spread her arms wide, gesturing, “And not just roses but tens, no, hundreds of flowers in all different colors and shapes. It’s," she paused grasping for words, "it’s one of the most beautiful sights I’ve ever seen.”

Lee was staring at her; starting to feel the sense of wonder he’d had since they touched down on this planet, bubble to the surface. “I know what you mean. Caprica was all hard lines and glass; cold. Galactica was so gray and metal and dreary, not to mention monotonous. Here, it’s so open, so green, so,” he took a big breath, “alive. You did good Kara, you brought us to a planet that is rich enough not only to sustain us, but more importantly, to heal us.”

Their conversation stopped as the others started to emerge from their tents and made their way toward the kitchen tent to see if any help was needed.


AN2: Other than the whole Kara being part of the story thing, I'm doing my best to stick as close as possible to canon. Please let me know if you come across any continuity errors. :)

Comments are muchly appreciated. :D
Tags: bsg, fic, kara/lee, season 4.5, sun broke free
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