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Fic Requests Filled

Okay, posting the first batch of stories!! Remember, there are still two spots open, and it's not a requirement that you post the meme yourself. These are posted in the order I wrote them, and I'll be starting on the others soonly!

For pink_cormandy Twilight - Jacob/Bella - "Choose me instead."

The idea for this came to me late last night, and I started typing up the first couple of paragraphs on my Blackberry. It's not quite the fluff that I think you were looking for, but I fell in love with the idea of it. I hope you like it!

Word count: 564

He was here now because Alice had let one errant thought slip. It was so hard for her, you see, to keep her thoughts from him.

“He’s gone Bella. He’s gone and he isn’t coming back. Choose me instead.”

Edward still has a hard time believing that she said yes.

After seeing Alice’s vision in his mind he left the family and came back to Forks. No one followed him or tried to stop him.

He was there, lurking in the shadows, the night they got married. He never knew that Bella chose the site, but he was both grateful and resentful that they had it just close enough to the territory line that he was able to see and hear the whole thing. He couldn’t believe how beautiful she looked.

Rosalie and Emmet were the ones to bring food to Edward a week later. It would be another three days before he broke down and devoured the deer they brought, and six more before they decided to leave.

He was nearby for the birth of all five of their children. He nearly came out of hiding for the last one because Bella went into labor on the side of a road on her way into town. But he held his ground and Charlie showed up a few minutes later in his cruiser. They named her Alison.

It was Alice and Jasper who finally got Edward to eat this time, after nearly three weeks of just sitting frozen in the trees outside his room. They stayed with him for six months before moving on, promising to come back soon. Edward didn’t even notice when they left.

He was there, years later at Charlie’s funeral, standing at the edge of the forest soaked to the bone from the downpour. Seeing her, standing there under the tent, was one of the most terrible and beautiful sights he’d ever seen. He felt the air shift and he knew that she sensed him. He was gone, of course, by the time she turned her head and stared at the spot he had just been standing.

Carlisle and Esme stayed with Edward for a year after the last of Bella’s children left home. None of them left the house that year other than to hunt.

He knew the exact moment when she died 40 years later. She’d gone peacefully in her sleep, having lived a full and happy life. After the funeral he sat at her grave for two days before he felt another presence approaching. He looked back once at the tree line and saw Jacob, an old man now, looking back at him. After one last glance at her grave, he turned and left.

The next day he was in Italy, stepping out into the plaza in broad daylight. There was actually a smile on his face; it felt so foreign to him, having not used those muscles in nearly a century. The people all stopped and stared at the sight he made, this fallen angel that stood before them. None who saw him that day would ever forget the way he looked, both haunted and hopeful, dazzling in the sunlight.

He closed his eyes, hoping beyond everything that she’d be there waiting for him in the place beyond here; the place that he believed in only because she did.

It only took seconds. He didn’t fight it.


For caffrey Stargate SG-1 - Daniel/Sam - "you always want what you can't have"

I started out following the prompt. I knew that I wanted to go back to the very beginning, and I put in the pilot to watch for reference last night. When I picked it up this morning, it turned to fluff. I hope you enjoy it!

Word count: 930

You're not quite sure what to make of him the first time you meet him. He's this stunningly adorable man who you sense has more layers than even he is aware of.

After dinner you see his wife, Sha're, kiss him possessively and you can't help but think that the show had something to do with your arrival on Abados. You find yourself slightly annoyed by this even though you have no right to.

He's the only one on this ragtag team of explorers that you realize is on par with you intellectually. His interest lay more in the past; of learning languages and culture, while yours is firmly entrenched in the sciences. You are looking forward to learning more about him and are so happy that he lived up to the expectations you have had of him.


The first time she speaks, simply gushing over the DHD is when you notice that she is actually a woman. You’ll hear later about her introduction to the rest of the team from Jack after a night of too many beers and not enough bad food.

You are so happy that you’ve found someone who’s enthusiasm for all of the possibilities of the Stargate matches yours, glee for glee. As soon as you tell her the thought that came to you so many months ago of the possibility that the planets have drifted apart, she takes off. You realize that she is probably dumbing down her explanation and are just happy that you can keep up. Just looking at the joy on her face when she works it out takes you back to Earth and you fantasize for one minute of what it would be like to work with this woman side by side, day after day.


Sometimes you can't believe how much the man before you has changed. You’ve both been through so much in the last eight years. He’s lost two people he’s loved to the Goa’uld, you spent years pining away over a man that you never loved and nearly married another man that wasn’t right for you.

You lost him for a while there too. It was worse than anything you had been through before, having to watch this man that you loved just waste away. Sometimes you were sure that you felt his presence nearby, but that’s something that neither of you will ever know the truth of. He doesn’t remember much from the time he was ascended.

It happened quite suddenly. Just one mission that went a little too wrong and you took a bullet when you weren’t expecting it. He was the only one able to get to your position, Teal’c and Mitchell were on the other side of the valley still fighting their way back to the gate. He was nearly on top of you in his determination to shield you from the battle still going on all around you. You looked up at him and thought if this was the last sight you’d ever see, then at least it was a good one. He was there, looking down at you with this absolute wonder on his face. That’s when it clicked. He loved you, and you loved him. You closed your eyes for a moment, a stray tear leaking out of your closed lids. They opened with a gasp when you felt his lips on yours for the first time. It was gentle yet fierce at the same time. It was chaste, but filled with such a yearning that you couldn’t help but hold on for dear life.

“Don’t you dare leave me Sam.” He whispered against your cheek. “I couldn’t bear that.”

You clung to him, hearing the gate activate. Reinforcements had arrived in the form of SG’s 3, 11 & 22. They were able to hold the hostiles off long enough for Daniel to get you through the gate.

Four days later you were all patched up and had been granted a two week leave to heal. It seemed like everyone except for Teal’c was surprised when you and Daniel left the base together. He held his arm firmly around you and helped you gather a bag as you two headed off the base.

The night your son Jacob was born Daniel told you of the talk he had with Jack about your relationship. Basically Jack threatened to leave Daniel stranded off world if he ever did anything to hurt you. You just laughed and asked if Jack realized that that wouldn’t have been so bad a punishment as Jack was thinking it would be. Daniel said no and it would be their little secret.

Janet was getting married today. She couldn’t believe that their little girl was already twenty-five. Funnily enough, she fell in love with Jack’s son who was born only a few years after your Jacob was. You had become quite the extended family. You and Daniel with your three children, Jack and his family though his wife passed on a few years back. Even Teal’c had finally settled down to live permanently on Earth. He never married again; he just couldn’t give himself to anyone after Ishta was killed during the second Jaffa rebellion.

Daniel came to sit next you, tearing you from your reminiscent thoughts.

“What are you thinking about, my dear?” he asked.

“Actually, about the first time we met, and well everything since. We’ve come a long way, haven’t we?” you ask, reaching for his hand.

“That we have. And I’ve loved every minute of it.” He smiled, squeezing her hand.

“Me too.” You say, “me too.”


For waddi_wassi Stargate SG-1 - Daniel/Vala

Now, I'm a Daniel/Sam shipper, so I was planning on simply writing a Daniel/Vala friendship drabble, but this is what came out instead. I hope you like it!

Word count: 212

For the first few months that he knew her, if someone were to ask him to list the first word that came to mind to describe Vala Mal Doran, it’d easily be “annoying”. But man did that woman know how to push his buttons. Was she attractive, yes, but annoying would win out every time.

Gradually his feelings started to shift. First when she nearly sacrificed herself to destroy the supergate. He didn’t think she had it in her. Then he had to watch her die. He knows that she still has nightmares about fire, but she’s never talked about it with him.

When she lost her memory he got to see a glimpse of the woman she was beyond the sexuality and the sarcasm. When he thinks back on it, this may have been the real turning point in their relationship.

He’s not sure why he snapped at her that day when basically threw herself at him, but he’s never really been able to regret it. Besides, without that incident, he may have never realized that she had actual feelings for him.

They had a rocky start, there is no doubt about that. But after being together for over 50 years on the Odyssey, Daniel looks back on every moment fondly.


For hayjbsg & lurkrealclose Battlestar Galactica - Helo/Kara/Lee - Naughty

I wrote this with you two in mind. It's the smuttiest I've ever written, and I hope like hell you enjoy it!! ;) ♥

Word count: 478

The first time it happens they are so frakked up on ambrosia and Tauron whiskey that it’s all arms and feet and gasps and nails. They wake up pressed against each other, so tangled up that that no one could tell where one person ended and the other began.

The next time it happens it’s after a rowdy game of strip triad where they are the last three still standing. They don’t even wait until they’ve made it to their quarters before what little clothing they’ve got left starts to be taken off by hungry hands, desperate to be touching forbidden patches of skin.

It’s slower this time, each action more deliberate than the last. There is moaning and clutching, sensations overloading every delicate sensor in their bodies. She doesn’t know whose hand is touching her just there or whose tongue is causing the delicious torture on her neck, but she finds that it doesn’t matter.

At times he catches himself staring at him in the corridors, just the sight of those unbelievably broad shoulders and strong hands taking him back to dark rooms and unspeakable moments of pleasure. He thinks he should be ashamed for having this attraction to another man, but one stolen glance at each other fills him with enough calm to know that what they share together is so beyond what is normal that it’s extraordinary.

Seeing those two out in space flying together is truly one of the most beautiful things he’s ever witnessed. They are so in sync with each other, that their movements are seemingly effortless. It brings a flush to his cheeks when their darting in and out maneuvers and flirtatious com banter remind him of another arena in which instincts take over and synchronicity is achieved.

They all admit one night how happy they are that this series of events has come to pass. They can’t believe that after everything they’ve been through both together and apart, they are here together at the end of all things.

They are on vacation on Picon, it’s their three year anniversary, when the cylons attack. They are in their bedroom, Kara sandwiched between Helo and Lee, each of them clutching the other two so hard that bruises would have been left. The bombs are getting closer, they can tell by the force of the room shaking around them. There really is nowhere they can go to escape. No one knows who said it first, but without warning they are all professing their love for each other and sloppy triple kisses are being exchanged.

When it happens they are resigned to their fate, but content with the knowledge that it couldn’t have happened any differently. They have vowed to find each other in their next lives, hoping that the gods have been pleased with the love they gave to themselves and to each other.

Tags: bsg, daniel/samantha, fic, kara/lee, stargate, twilight
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