July 18th, 2007

utkari02 - bow&skulls

HPEF 2010

For Immediate Release:

'While millions of readers worldwide are about to read
the final chapters of Harry Potter’s epic story, HP
Education Fanon, Inc. (HPEF) is looking to his--and
our--next adventure.

The end of the Harry Potter series is only the
beginning of an infinite number of possibilities for
the fandom.

Therefore, HPEF is proud to announce “Infinitus 2010,”
a Harry Potter conference to take place July 15-18
2010 in Orlando, Florida – home to the all-new “World
of Harry Potter” attraction at Universal Orlando

Hotel, Registration rates, and additional event
information are forthcoming. As always, registrants
can expect our high commitment to strong and diverse
formal and informal programming on topics from Alchemy
to Zoology and every subject in between. The
conference agenda will also include at least one event
at the “World of Harry Potter” theme park, allowing
our attendees to explore and immerse themselves in the
Wizarding World as never before.

HPEF is also pleased to endorse a team of organizers
with a firm background in our conferences and event
philosophy. Infinitus’ Minister of Magic, Kari
Phillips, is the Head of Wizard Talent for Prophecy
2007, and is serving as Chair of Informal Programming
for Portus 2008 as well. Her department heads include
Jennifer Clack, who worked diligently on Informal
Programming for Lumos, is part of the amazing Prophecy
team, and is also part of the Portus team; Kristin
Coleman, Meet-&-Greet veteran from Lumos, Prophecy,
and Portus; and experienced Security Chief Aziza Aba
Butain. These ladies and many other experienced
volunteers, along with talented new blood, will
continue our record of high-quality, magical events
for scholars and fans.

The Board of Directors of HPEF looks forward to seeing
what the next three years of fandom will bring. We
look forward to the myriad activities, studies,
communities, and projects that fandom has to offer. We
look forward to Infinitus.'