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Selling Books

I have the following books that I'm looking to sell to help fund my trip to Dragon*Con. I don't want to pay the fees to list them all on Ebay right now, so I'm listing them here instead.

All books are listed for roughly half of what I paid for them.

SciFi books for sale:

Charmed books: (these are also currently up on ebay here) ($3 each, unless otherwise stated)

-The Power of Three
-Voodoo Moon
-Spirit of The Wolf
-Whispers from the Past
-The Gypsy Enchantment
-Dark Vengeance
-Haunted by Desire
-Kiss of Darkness
-The Legacy of Merlin
-Charmed Again
-Seasons of the Witch, Vol. 1 ($4)
-The Book of Three official companion book ($10)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer books: ($4 each, unless otherwise stated)

-Power of Persuasion
-The Journals of Rupert Giles Vol. 1
-The Angel Chronicles Vol. 1
-Apocalypse Memories
-Tempted Champions
-The Gatekeeper Trilogy Vol. 1 - Out of the Madhouse on hold for smcki10
-The Gatekeeper Trilogy Vol. 2 - Ghost Roads
-The Gatekeeper Trilogy Vol. 3 - Sons of Entropy on hold for smcki10
-Tales of the Slayer Vol. 2 ($5)
-Tales of the Slayer Vol. 3 ($5)
-Seven Seasons of Buffy ($8)
-The Watchers Guide Vol. 1 ($9)
-Bite Me, An Unofficial Guide to the World of Buffy ($9)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel Crossover books: ($4 each)

-Unseen - Door to Alternity on hold for smcki10
-Unseen - The Burning
-Seven Crows
-Monster Island

Angel books: ($4 each)

-Endangered Species
-Solitary Man
-City of
-Dark Mirror
-The Longest Night Vol. 1

Dark Horse Comics:

Buffy - Creatures of Habit ($8)
Buffy - Bad Blood ($5)
Buffy - The Origin ($5)
Buffy - The Dust Waltz ($5)
Buffy - The Blood of Carthage ($6)
Buffy - Out of the Woodwork ($6)
Buffy/Angel - Past Lives ($6)
Angel - Hunting Ground ($5)
Angel - The Hollower ($5)
Angel - Earthly Possessions ($5)

I will update this post with other books as I get them typed up. :)

Comment with orders and questions.
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