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Another Drabble, in a new fandom this time!

Requested by: justascrewup2 Prompt: Veronica Mars - Logan/Veronica - "I couldn't stop thinking about you."

Okay, it's my first time writing Veronica Mars fic. I hope I captured them well enough! Spoilers for the third season.

Word Count: 528

It was three weeks after her father had been elected Sheriff that Veronica ended up parked outside the Neptune Grand.

“It’s just not working out Piz.” Veronica was saying. She hated seeing the look on his face during this impromptu breakup conversation.

They’d been studying in his dorm room when he shut his book and started to stare at her. She knew he’d prefer a nice long make out session over studying, and that’s when she realized that she didn’t want to be making out with him anymore.

“It’s just not working out Piz.” Veronica said. “I’m sorry. I’m completely frakked up, and you deserve better.” She wished he’d stop looking at her like that. It hurt her to know that she was hurting him, but the thought of going on without him didn’t split her open inside like it did all of the times she and Logan had broken up; so she knew this was the right thing to do.

She had packed up her things and was out of the room in less than five minutes, Piz still not having said a word.

“See you around, Piz.” Veronica said on her way out.

She’d gotten in her car and started driving without any real destination in mind. She felt a small smile tugging at her lips when she saw where she had ended up.

Getting out of her car, Veronica made her way to the elevators, nodding to the few employees she knew. Once in the elevator she pressed the familiar “Penthouse” button and before she knew it, the doors were opening up to the hallway that led to him.

Before she had the chance to knock the door opened and there he was, standing before her. She hadn’t seen him since that day in the dining hall, and she allowed herself a few seconds to drink in the sight of him.

“Mars.” He said, going for snarky but Veronica heard the slight tremble in his voice.

“Hello Logan.” She whispered. Clearing her throat, she began again, “How’ve you been?”

“Can’t complain,” Logan answered, “You know...”

“I broke up with Piz.” She blurted, interrupting him.

He paused, searching her face, “Is that so?”

She swallowed, “Uh huh.”

“Why are you here?” He asked cautiously, “Want me to throw you a pity party?”

“No,” she said, “I’m, um. I’m not actually sure why I’m here. I just got in my car and sorta ended up here.”

“Oh.” Logan said. “So, why did you break up with the weasel?” he asked.

Veronica couldn’t help but notice the tiny twinge of hope that she could see on his face. This gave her the courage to continue. “There wasn’t anything there any more.” She told him.

“And...” he prompted.

“And, I couldn’t stop thinking about you.” She revealed.

They stood there looking at each other for a minute until Logan smiled. “Wanna come in?”

“Absolutely.” Veronica walked in, vowing to not let anything come between them this time. They simply had to work out, because she knew that after all of these years he was her soul mate. And she’d be damned if she let herself settle for anything less.
Tags: fic, veronica mars, veronica/logan
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