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My review for OotP

So, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. It was good, not great. I saw is Tuesday at midnight at the IMAX in Austin. I also took my nephew to go and see in on Wednesday back in San Antonio at our regular theater. I definately enjoyed the IMAX more than the regular theater.

My thoughts on the movie: (They're super long, so I apologize in advance.)

I hated the opening sequence of the vertical panning down from the sky to the ground. Especially in the IMAX, it made me want to throw up. Did Dudley have a lisp? I didn't like that Harry pulled his wand in front of Dudley's friends. Was it really so much cheaper to have the Dementor attack in a storm drain rather than in an alleyway? I din't like the Dementor v2.0's. There was nothing wrong with the PoA version of them, and this was just inconsistant. Where the hell was Prongs??? Mrs. Figg just didn't do it for me. She didn't seem batty. I would have liked her to be more frantic! Where was Mundungus?? One of my favorite scenes in this book is the interaction between Dung and Figgy with Harry just trying to remain upright. :( Why was Petunia all tarted up? Ugh, Vernon. Just Ugh. *shiver. (not in a good way) I really liked the letter expelling Harry, I think they did a great job on that. Vernon and Petunia taking Dudley to the hospital was funny. Vernon using the towel to cover Dudley's face was spot on something that I think he'd actually do.

The advance guard was good, although I'd have liked Lupin to be there. And I really would have liked to see more morphing from Tonks. hehe, I loved Moody's broom. Nitpicking, didn't Moody say for Kingsley to take the lead? Then why was Moody's broom in the middle and front of the "V" when they take off?

Grimmauld Place. So not how I pictured it. So not up to par. OMG squee, the Harmony hug. Loved it. I liked that Harry wasn't screaming at them like he does in the book. Loved Fred and George apparating. I liked the exposition scene in the kitchen. I would have loved a Sirius/Molly arguement, as I think it would have been great for Gary and Julie and it would have been a really emotional scene for the fans. I missed Bill Weasley. The Black Family Tree wasn't how I expected it. Loved Kreacher. Missed Mrs. Black.

I didn't picture the Ministry to be so, well, black. I loved the floos! I loved how they expanded on the lifts to make them better. I don't know why they changed the Fountain of Magical Brethren. I noticed they included a mermaid in it. I always thought there should have been one. The hearing was good, pretty straight from the book. Was that Madam Bones? If so, would it have been so hard to give her a monocle? I thought Imelda Staunton did a fabulous job as Umbridge.

They just glossed over the whole prefect thing, didn't they? Would have liked to see Harry's internal struggle, but realize that it would be hard to show. I loved Neville's parents. Amazingly well cast. Such a quick and simple scene, but they captured exactly how I thought they should be. When did Draco grow so much taller than Harry??

I thought they did a great job with the thestrals. Okay Luna. Luna was just okay for me. I thought she looked the part, but I don't know what was going on with her voice. And why was it always nargals? Where were the Crumple-Horned Snorkacks? ;P

Umbridge's speech was brilliant. DADA. It was a different book, was it not? Again, Umbridge was brilliant. I would have liked for the rest of the class to have a few lines though. Dean and Parvati both had lines in the book. I missed the Harry/McG scene from the book, "Have a biscuit Potter." "At least you've been listening to Hermione Granger at any rate." :D

Blood Quill. Oh, my, god. This was brilliant. I so loved the kittens. Their innocent mewing in the background while this horrid event was taking place was amazing. "You know deep down that you should be punished." *guh.

Okay, I don't know why Filch got so much screen time. I would have really loved to see the other teachers more. I didn't miss Madam Puddifoots, but I would have really, really, really loved to have the Quibbler interview. I loved the Hog's Head scene. Tosspot was great! Harry should have had more of a reaction to Hermione finally saying Voldemort. They spent too much time on them, but I loved the decrees. Seeing the wall full of them by the end was great.

Grawp. He should have looked even more stoney, and less like a troll. I loved that Hermione got stern with him. :) Did like so much Ron saying just leave her alone. See, that's why he wasn't in that scene in the book, which was just fine with me. ;)

Dumbledore's Army. Would have liked the naming scene. Would have loved Dobby to be back. Where were all the books in the room? I thought Levicorpus wasn't until Book 6? Or else I don't remember them using that in the DA at all. WTF was with Ginny's super-powerful Reducto curse? So not canon. So, Ginny's Patronus is a horse, Ron's is a dog and Luna's is a bunny. Is that considered canon now? I did enjoy these Patroni. ;)

So, Harry/Cho kiss was a bit longer than the preview eh? Didn't seem akward a bit, like Harry kisses girls he hardly knows everyday. Was it just me, or did they go a bit overboard on the Mr. Weasly attack scene? Loved Harry's "Look at me." scream. Phinneaus wasn't anything like I expected him.

Occlumency. totally rushed. Snape's worst Memory. slightly butchered. Where was Lily?

Didn't really care that it was Cho that turned them in, even though it's not canon. Loved the scene in Dumbledore's office. Loved Dumbledore's escape. Loved the "he's got style" line. Hi Percy! You ponce.

I sooo missed the career advice scenes!

OWLs. I so loved Fred and George's escape. Firecrackers were bang on. I would have loved more from them though. I missed the portable swamps. :( Missed Peeves. I would have really loved the teachers with, "I would have got rid of them myself, but I wasn't sure if I had the authority." So, Harry saw Sirius. I loved that flash btw. Sirius looked hot, and I really loved how he took the crucios. So Sirius.

Left out the "saving people thing" and just added in, "are you sure he didn't want you to see that?". wtf? where did Ginny, Luna and Neville come into the picture in the movie? I know they're there in the book, but it goes from Harry/Ron/Hermione to catching Neville helping the Weasley girl. I did enjoy this scene. I love how Hermione is the only one willing to act when Harry is about to get crucio'ed. Hated that they slipped in the thing about the Veritaserum and that Umbridge used the last bit on Cho.

I loved this scene in the forest. I think Harry's "I must not tell lies" line will be a lot of peoples favorites. We had cheering in the theater for that. Okay, and now the 3d starts at the IMAX. It wasn't really necessary. I didn't really enjoy it all that much. Maybe it's because I was at the end of a row, but whatever.

I would have liked to see them all packed in the phonebooth. ;) No circular door. No time room, no brain room. No locked door. I really missed that. They didn't do that part justice. I did enjoy their fight here in the Hall of Prophecies. Bellatrix was amazing. Loved Neville's, "better now that they're about to be avenged." line. What was with Lucius being all calm? Hated Ginny's ultra powerful non-canon reducto curse that brought the entire room down.

Veil room. What was with the big ass stone? Was I wrong in thinking that it was a black veil and that it was like, made out of cloth? So, the Eaters snatch up all of Harry's friends. And they show them as follows: Luna, Ginny, Neville, Ron, then Hermione. :) Squee. "Give it to me or I'll kill your friends. *Flash to Ron* back to Harry *Flash to Hermione* Harry hands it over. :D

"Get away from my Godson" bitch slap. awesome! not canon, but awesome. Okay Harry, you've done brilliant, but just sit back and watch. ?? I never remember apparating in the books being described as turning into smoke and flying away. Oh, and if you're bad your smoke is black and if you're good, your smoke is white. ;) Um, there were parts here I liked. I loved how Moody shows up with his head down and he's in hero auror mode. That was great. Them arriving at the DoM made me cry the first time I read the book. It still gets me choked up. This whole scene was too frantic. Half the time I couldn't tell what was going on. It would have been better for them to slow it down just a tad.

"Great one, James!" *double guh.

"Avada Kedavra" WTF??? Sirius get's hit in the side with it and holds it like he's been shot. Like the AK is less deadly in your side then it is on your chest. And he get's sucked into the veil. No, NO, No. Butchered this.

Harry's reaction was brilliant though. Oh, Lupin's there? Are you sure? We've only seen him twice throughout the whole movie. It was utterly heartwrenching.

"I killed Sirius Black" Bella taunts. Loved this bit. And Voldy comes. And Dumbledore shows up. And Bella escapes. wtf? Why and the hell would DD's and Voldy's wand be spewing lava at each other? The only canon thing about this fight was the water part. Voldy posseses Harry. And Harry's eye's turn green. didn't like that. "Harry, it's not your similarities, it's your differences." Loved it. I really enjoyed the flashes in this scene. In fact throughout the whole movie there were flashes. Wasn't exactly sure that there were too many, but it was borderline. He sees Hermione, then he has all these awesome flashes of her. *sigh. He sees Rona and Hermione laughing. "you're the weak one. you'll never know love and friendship. i pity you." *guh. "you're a fool Harry Potter. and you will loose."

*floo* Fudge, "He's back" *audience* "DUH!!!". :)

This ending was so lacking. I wanted Harry to destroy DD's office. And Dumbledore's tear. I wanted that tear. And Phinneaus, the last remaining Black is gone. I wanted that so bad.

Instead they end with "We have something to fight for" and a pan up of Hogwarts and the lake. Didn't they do that last year?

Okay, now that my novel is finished. ;P

Overall I liked the movie. There were too many differences for me to have utterly enjoyed every second of it though. It was great for what it was though.

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