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Buffy ficlets:

Here are a couple of ficlets that I've written for whedonland.

Willow/Oz - The Pain of Forgetting - told through Buffy’s pov. - 235 words

Semi-Spoilers through Buffy Season 4.

When Oz left Sunnydale, Buffy was the one trying to hold Willow together. Xander was around, of course, but Buffy was the one that lived with her and saw her every day. Most days she felt as if she was literally sewing her back together, piece by piece. This wasn’t what killed her though.

She knew, weeks later, that Willow was using a type of silencing spell on herself. She knew, because although there was no sound, Buffy could see Willow shaking through fits of sobbing on nights when she crept into the dorm late after patrolling. These nights she would often lay and watch Willow. It was one of the hardest things she’d ever lived through, watching Willow grieve, but it was also necessary, as she was all too aware.

The initial pain of losing someone is excruciating, but often times what’s even worse is what comes after. The worst part is the sorrow of knowing that you’re starting to get over the loss. It’s when you meet someone new that makes you laugh; makes you forget even for a moment the pain that pierces your chest and burrows down into your heart. You revel in the feeling at the time, but late at night alone in your bed, you realize that the worst pain of all is what you’re going through now. The worst pain of losing someone is the pain of forgetting.

April Showers - Someone’s Getting Wet - Buffy/Spike - 500 words

No real spoilers.

Patrolling in the rain is so not fun. Not that Buffy had any allusions going into this, but sometimes being the Slayer just sucks. Putting up with blood, slime, dust and dirt was one thing, but rain gets everywhere.

Buffy preferred to stay indoors when the storm clouds were a-brewin’ and usually she was helped along by the super-sunny Sunnydale weather and the fact that creepy crawlies tended to go underground on the few sucktastic weather nights they got a year. This vamp must be from out of town.

Ugh. Walking, no squelching along in the muddy graveyard was doing nothing to help her sneak up to the Mausoleum where Spike heard the vamp had been staying. Yup, she knew this was going to end up going down in the mud.

“You do realize we’re not in the 80’s anymore, right? Bad home-perms are so over.”


“Okay, let’s get this over with. I’m ready for home and a long hot shower.”

Oh, fighting in the rain sucks so much harder than simply patrolling did. Punches that don’t quite connect, and roundhouse kicks that spin out of control in the mud, not to mention how hard it is to simply hang on to the damn stake.


Spike was so happy he decided to come out to watch Buffy’s back tonight. He knew that under normal circumstances one vamp was no match for her, but having killed two Slayers in the past he also knew that all it took was one bad night, one missed punch, one second too late in ducking and that’d be it.

Every once in a while you witness something that will be engrained in your memory forever. Seeing Buffy, the only person he’s ever loved, having a knock-down-drag-out with (Spike will admit) one of the hottest vamps he’s seen in a long time is one of those scenes. Rain and Mud are the ice cream and cherry on top of this already delicious cake.

From past experience Spike knew that fighting in the rain was no easy feat, but he was a bit surprised when the scratching and hair pulling started. The whole ordeal didn’t last as long as he’d hoped, with Buffy eventually straddling the vamp and staking her, but it was fun while it lasted.

“That was fun to watch.” He said lighting up a cigarette under the canopy of a nearby tree.

“Oh god. Of course you had to see that.” Buffy said taking stock of her injuries. “I can’t believe that bitch slapped me.”

“I think she was mad because you’re prettier than she was.”

“Don’t start, Spike. Wait, wah? You think I’m prettier than her?”

“No, I said she thought you were prettier than, oh go on, of course you know I think you’re bloody gorgeous.”

Buffy beamed at him. “Walk me home?”

“Always, pet.”

Somehow, Buffy didn’t mind the rain so much when she saw how it made the clothes that Spike was wearing cling to his body like that.
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