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Some Drabbles:

These were written back in August for Whedonland's gift giving. I've tried to sort them by fandom.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: and sorta Firefly too. sorta-spoilery for season 7 Buffy

"I'm telling you, you wouldn't believe how much he looked like Mal. I mean, it's creepy. The guy is crazy evil, kills potentials in front of me, stabs my eye out with his thumb, and all I can think is that this guy is Malcolm Reynolds and how could he be doing this." Xander pauses.

"That's so, I don't know, unbelievable." Andrew starts, "I mean, do you think, I mean it couldn't actually be, I mean, it's impossible, right?"

"Andrew, of course it's impossible. You know time travel isn't possible." Xander replies, reluctantly.

"But maybe he's like the ancient ancestor of Mal." Andrew says, with a far away look on his face.

"That would be..." Xander starts.

"AWESOME!!" they yell together.


In the world of Slayers and Vampires and Demons and Witches, it's easy to forget that not everyone has superpowers. It's simple for them to overlook the fact that there are ordinary humans involved in this epic good versus evil fight as well.

There are those that help where they can, and those that fight like hell to learn and earn their spot next the slayers and the vampires. Some have grown up with the world of the supernatural, while others were thrust into it and never looked back.

The simple fact is that the wars would never be won without the humans, and really who would want them to be?


It's been 100 years and he still thinks about that day. That one perfect day that they had together. He's been through more apocalypses than he can count, and fought beside countless slayers. He watched everyone he loved die, again. But he still thinks about that day he had with her. It's what keeps him going. It's what makes him live on to fight in another apocalypse, hoping that maybe this one will be the one that the prophecy foretold. That maybe, just maybe after the next one he'll become human. Once he is, he knows he'll find someone and spend his life with her, but he also knows that he'll be waiting for death. Waiting to meet her again, so they can spend eternity together in their afterlife.

SG1: non-spoilery

"Daniel." Sam said from the doorway of his lab. "Earth to Daniel."
He looked up and smiled, "Hey Sam, what brings you by this time of night?"
"Got stuck on the device SG-6 brought back." she sighed. "I needed a break."
"Yeah, I'm not really getting anywhere on this diary either."
"You wanna go and get a snack?"
"Is it jello day? You know how I love the jello."
Sam laughed, "I'm not sure, I never seem to know what day it is anymore."
"I know what you mean." Daniel said getting up out of his chair and stretching. "Well, let's go and find out."

As they walked to the cafeteria together they both reminisced on years and years of working here in this place side by side. They'd been through more in these few years than most people would go through in several lifetimes. While there were definitely times when they thought about leaving the program, they knew that life would settle down eventually and that they'd have the most valuable thing in the entire universe when they did. All of these wonderful memories.

SGA: non-spoilery

Wandering around Atlantis can be straight up dangerous at times. Take today, for instance. John Sheppard was just minding his own business looking for a corridor he knew he had gone down before when all of a sudden he was being sucked into a room.

"Got you too?" said a voice from the other side of the room.

John spun around to see Rodney sitting with his back against the wall.

"Rodney, what the hell happened?" John asked, running his hands along the wall where he had been sucked in. "How long have you been here? We've been looking for you for hours."

"I've lost count." Rodney replied, morosely. "I was on my way to the lab when I got turned around. And the next thing I knew I was sucked in here. Haven't been able to find a way out."

"Well, that's just perfect." John said. "Elizabeth knew pretty much where I was, I'm sure they will send someone to figure out what happened."

"Oh, great. That's all I need, Zelenka rescuing me. I'll never live it down. I mean, it's one thing for me to..."



"Shut up."

Dollhouse: Semi-spoilery for end of season 1

He doesn't remember when it first started; the maintaining of personalities after wipes. But he remembers when it started to break him. He remembers all of the passiveness and honesty that actives are programmed with being swept aside by multiple personas fighting for control. He remembers dreading going in for new sessions.

He hates it now when he's chosen. He has long ago lost hope that this new imprint might be benign. It makes him sick that people are so sick. He knows now that he has been blessed with this ability, to remember, so that he can cleanse the sickness from people. He must punish those that are wicked. It's his destiny.

Harry Potter: Spoilery for Book/Movie 5

The moment he hit the veil, it was like time stopped. He knew he was gone, but he was also still conscious of his surroundings. He looked at Harry, his mouth torn open in horror, the image of pure despair written all over his face. If he was able to feel something, it would be sorrow for putting Harry through yet another loss.

His gaze shifted to a face just above Harry's. The face of one he loved, probably more than was usual for friends. He watched Remus, whose face had gone blank. He actually saw the fire die in his eyes. The sparkle that the wolf was never able to extinguish was finally gone at the loss of himself. He'd have given anything to be able to rewind just 60 seconds, but he knew that was impossible. The one thing that could never be messed with in magic was death.

And so, with images of the two people he loved most in this world burned into his memory, Sirius finally finished falling through the veil. Not even the site of James and Lily on the other side comforted his guilt. Guilt that wouldn't entirely be gone for years and years.
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