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For fans of Journey

Download the New Kids on the Block - Greatest Hits HERE

Oh, my, fucking God!!!!

I first heard about this dude on Ellen last week. Basically, Journey found their new lead singer, Arnel Pineda, on YouTube. Yes, YouTube. He's from the Philippines. He is fucking amazing.

And guess what??? They'll be in San Antonio on July 25, of this year!!! (were you scared Kristin??:P) And guess what what??? I've got tickets!!!!!!!! OMG Squee.

So, next year when I'm sitting in the chapel watching two of my friends say their vows to each other, I'll be thinking that one year ago today I saw the best fucking show evah!!!

First NKOTB, now Journey. It's been a good fucking day.

View video of their concert in Chile here, here, and here. (may take a while to load)

Poll #1165995 Journey Songs

What is your favorite Journey song??

If you've never heard of Journey, I feel so sorry for you. XD Start with their Greatest Hits, then visit my folder for other albums.


Don't Stop Believin'

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