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Random news

So I haven't really been posting much lately. If you miss my posts, then I'm really sorry about that. :)

I've been kinda reevaluating my life over the last couple of weeks.

I think it's mostly having to do with the passing of my grandfather, but I've also watched several series finales lately and that's brought emotions to the forefront as well.

It's really made me realize that if I want my happy ending, then I just can't sit back and wait for life to happen to me. I have to go out and live and be open to new people and new emotions. In order to do that, I have to start living better. I can't clean every three months when someone has to stop over. I have to take care of myself and take better care of my possessions.

This is especially true of my possessions if/when I move into my new house. (still no news on that, btw) And I want my cats to have a happy healthy home to live in.

In other news, I've been going through my stuff and I have lots of Harry Potter posters. There are some I'm keeping, but I'll be donating some to Portus too. Does anybody want one???

I had this thought about taking one of the posters and painting over it and submitting to the Art Gallery, but I'm just not sure if I'm that talented. I'd have to buy paints and everything too. Perhaps I'll keep thinking about it. Does this sound like a good idea to any of you?

I've also got some Special Edition HP books I'll be donating too. If any of you are interested in taking a few of these off my hands, let me know. ;)

I asked my Dad to take me to Vegas in July. (Don't worry, it's after Portus) But Coldplay is going to be there on the 19th and I can't think of a better place to see them. I haven't heard back yet, but if he says yes, I'll be driving home from Dallas on the 16th and flying out to Vegas on the evening of the 17th.

In TV news, I'm rewatching ER on TNT. It's still the first season, which is awesome because I love this show. It's really amazing to know that I've watched all of these episodes at least twice but it's like they're still new. *must find an ER icon*

I'm a newly formed Doctor Who fan. :D I've watched a total of four episodes and am thoroughly hooked. I set my DVR to record on SciFi and on BBCA. :D *must get a Dr. Who icon*

I'm excited for Dollhouse. I love you Joss!!!

Is it bad that I'm kinda excited for the new 90210???? It's Rob Thomas guys. As long as he doesn't fuck it up like he did with the third season of Veronica Mars!!! I think it has the potential to be good.

This weekend I'll be watching Indiana Jones and Sex and the City. I'm mucho excited!!!

That's it I suppose. I mean there's more I could post, but this is getting kinda long. :P I'll have at least two Getting to Know you polls next week. :D I hope you all have a good weekend, I probably won't be too active online over the weekend. :(

*I love my friends!!!*

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